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Mentimeter is an interactive platform for presentations, polls, and quizzes that enables the creation of captivating content within your browser. It enriches your presentations with questions, polls, quizzes, slides, images, GIFs, and more, promoting active participation and tracking progress.

Faculty and staff can secure a licensed Mentimeter account by following these steps:
  1. Login at: Mentimeter
  2. Choose the Single Sign On (SSO) option 
  3. Organization name:  mohawkcollege
  4. If prompted, use your MohawkID and password


Enhance creativity in audience engagement with Mentimeter, whether during teaching sessions or team meetings. Utilize its diverse question types and instant results to captivate your audience in a collaborative presentation.

User Participation

Participants can use their smartphones or laptops to submit answers, provide feedback, and reflect on their learning. Responses are visualized in real-time, offering a unique and interactive experience.  device or laptop by scanning a QR code or entering a ‘session code’ at Find the QR Code and access code by clicking the Share button, on the Participation tab.

Mentimeter isn’t integrated with MyCanvas. However, you can embed Mentimeter into a MyCanvas page using the iframe HTML code by following the steps below:
  1. Open the Mentimeter presentation and click Share
  2. Click Presentation Sharing and then Embed live results
  3. Navigate to MyCanvas and open the page where you wish to insert the poll, then click on Edit. Choose the </> icon to access the HTML editor.
  4. Paste the embed live results code from Mentimeter and then click Save. Your presentation should then appear on the Canvas page along with the live results.

Mentimeter surveys can also be embedded in MyCanvas.

Types of Slides

Content Slides: used to present information without any interaction. 

Interactive Poling Slides:  Poling allows students to answer anonymously.

Competition Slides:  timed content that allows for friendly competition. Students can participate in groups or individually using their real name or making up a fun user name for anonymity.


Mentimeter incorporates features like screen reader support, keyboard navigation, high-contrast themes, and adjustable font sizes to enhance readability for individuals with low vision. 

Mentimeter Accessibility Statement


MentiAcademy: Discover more about designing slides, understanding your audience, and gathering all-important feedback.

Mentimeter Help Center: Advice and answers from the Mentimeter Team