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Edit Video Captions

Any media files that you upload to My Media, as well as any media that you create with the Kaltura tools, are closed-captioned and transcribed automatically via an integrated machine-captioning service. While this service transcribes with a fair degree of accuracy, you may need or choose to edit the captions within the captions editor, or substitute an existing caption file generated outside of Kaltura. As always, reach out to your Instructional Designer if you require the accuracy of human captioning, at a cost.

  1. Enter My Media, and click on the title or the preview image of the video you wish to caption.
  2. Under Actions, select Edit, and choose Captions.
  3. To add a captions file that was generated outside of Kaltura, press/click Upload captions file, and choose an existing .srt or .dfxp file.
  4. To edit the existing machine or human-generated captions and transcript, click/press Edit Captions to launch the Captions Editor.
    Captions options for editing
  5. Here you can make changes to any text inaccuracies, add caption lines, delete caption lines, and even change basic timings.
    Edit being perfomed on one text block. Speaker's name added for first block
    Click/press within a line or timing value and type the update. You can also use Search in Captions and Replace with to make singular or transcript- wide changes.
  6. When you are satisfied with the changes, click/press Save. Click/press
    Revert to discard your changes.


Caption options: