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Kaltura Guide

Getting Started



Kaltura Capture is a video recording app, which can be downloaded directly to your computer device via My Media, located in the MyCanvas Global Navigation Bar. It enables users to record and upload lectures or videos directly to MyCanvas.


Access Kaltura through My Media within MyCanvas.


Use Kaltura for adding media to your course:

  • Record, store, and stream lectures, presentations, or other media content
  • Creating interactive video quizzes to increase student engagement
  • Embed videos in MyCanvas assignments, quizzes, or announcements
  • Adding closed captioning and transcripts to videos

MyCanvas Integration
Works within MyCanvas

How to Install Kaltura Capture

Below are the installation steps:

  1. Login to MyCanvas and select the My Media icon
  2. Click on the Authorize button if this is your first time accessing My Media
  3. Locate the Add New button and select Kaltura Capture from the drop-down menu
  4. Choose to download either for Windows or Mac
  5. When the download is complete, you will see a file within your downloads folder on your computer called KalturaCapture_4.3.18.msi
  6. Click on the file to open the Kaltura Capture Setup Wizard and click Next
  7. The Installation Settings screen displays the Recordings folder, click Next
  8. Once prompted to Ready to install Kaltura Capture, click Install
  9. When the installation is completed, click Finish

Further details can be found in the Installing Kaltura Capture from Canvas guide.


Kaltura offers a variety of features that can enhance the learning experience:

  • Record and Upload: Kaltura allows you to record new videos or upload existing ones directly into your MyCanvas courses. This can be useful for sharing lectures, demonstrations, or other instructional content.
  • Embed Media: You can embed your media files directly into MyCanvas, making it easy for students to access them without leaving the course environment.
  • Edit Media: Kaltura provides tools for editing your media files, such as trimming videos or adding captions, which can help to improve the accessibility and effectiveness of your content.
  • Create Chapters: If you have a longer video, you can create shorter clips from it. This can be useful for highlighting key points or segments that you want your students to focus on.
  • Interactive Video Quizzes: One of the unique features of Kaltura is the ability to add interactive quizzes to your videos. These quizzes can be graded, with the scores automatically passed back to the MyCanvas gradebook.


What are machine captions?

Machine-generated captions are available for all media uploaded to the Kaltura platform. Machine captions are generally about 70% to 80% accurate. Results may vary depending on your audio track's quality. Therefore, it’s always a good practice to review and edit these automatic transcriptions to ensure their accuracy. This is particularly important when the transcriptions are used for accessibility purposes, such as providing subtitles for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Who can access My Media?

Content in My Media is private by default, unless explicitly shared or published.

What are the hardware requirements?

To utilize Kaltura production tools effectively, a modest system is needed. Kaltura suggests a minimum of 4 GB RAM (8 GB preferred) and an Intel i5 or AMD A10 processor. While an older system or one with insufficient RAM might permit webcam use via Express Capture, it may restrict use in Kaltura Capture. Upgrading the operating system, RAM, and potentially storage is the only solution.

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