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My Media vs. Course Media

Within MyCanvas, there are two main buttons associated with Kaltura that serve different purposes within the platform.

My Media and Course Media

  1. My Media focuses on personal media management and contains all media uploaded or created by the user, regardless of the courses it's used in. Content in My Media is private by default, unless explicitly shared or published.
    • To access your videos and use the Kaltura tools, simply click/press on the My Media button on the Global Navigation menu once in MyCanvas.
    • Students who access My Media will only see their own media entries. They can choose to upload a file, create a Kaltura Capture or Express Capture. 
  2. Course Media contains media specifically published to a course to provide a centralized location for students.
    • Consider enabling the Course Media for courses where easy access to course-related media is desired to share with students.

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