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Add New Media

To create new media or to upload existing media, enter My Media, and press/click Add New.

Kaltura - Add New Media

  • Media Upload allows users to select and upload a local media files from various sources such as other applications, phones, tablets, camcorders, etc. Users can drag-and-drop files or choose them from their device
    • The easiest way to transfer a media file from your phone or tablet to My Media is using the Canvas app, available from Google Play and the App Store
    • If you are transferring a file from a camcorder, GoPro, or other device, the easiest way may be to use a USB cable connection
  • Express Capture is used to record a video using a local webcam or USB camera
  • YouTube is used to identify and embed a public video hosted on YouTube, allowing them to play within a Kaltura player
  • Kaltura Capture is used to record screen captures, including multi-source recordings
  • Video Quiz is used to create video quizzes based on existing videos

Once the media has been uploaded or created, it is visible in your own My Media listing. Depending on its file size, it may take a few minutes before it can be accessed and played.

In My Media, click/press on the media’s preview image or title in order to:

  • View the file, and its transcript
  • Add a description
  • Customize, access, and copy the embed code for sharing purposes

When the media is in preview, note the Actions button at the far right of the screen.

Under Actions > Edit, you can enhance the media:

  • Edit the title and modify, select, or generate a new thumbnail image
  • Upload or edit captions and add attachments 
  • Create chapter points in the video and synchronize them with uploaded slides deck or images 

Kaltura - Edit options

These features provide users with control over their media content, allowing for customization and sharing as needed.