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Edit Kaltura Videos

The Kaltura Video Editor offers basic editing features like trimming, adjusting edit points, and adding transitions. However, it's important to recognize its limitations compared to advanced software such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, or Shotcut.

Follow these steps to edit a video using the Kaltura Video Editor:

  1. Enter My Media, and press/click on the title or preview image of a video you want to edit.

    Kaltura - Launch Editor

  2. Under Actions, select Launch Editor. In the sidebar menu, make sure that the Video Editor is selected .
  3. To trim unwanted footage, drag the orange handles to new start and end points. Then, press/click Save (to overwrite) or Save a Copy.

    Kaltura - Timeline Edit

  4. To achieve more precision in your edit points, you can increase the magnification in the Timeline Zoom.
  5. To remove a section from elsewhere on the timeline:
  6. Position the play head where you want to start and edit the edit, then press/click the Split button.
  7. Hover over the section between the new start and end points and press the <backspace> or <delete> keys.
  8. For smoother transitions, press/click the Fade In/Out control to set fade duration after selecting the video section.

    Kaltura - Timeline Splicer and Fade Adjuster

  9. When you are satisfied with your edits, press/click Save to overwrite or Save a Copy to create a new edited version while keeping the original intact.

    Kaltura - Save