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New Quizzes: Additional Attempts

Customizing additional attempts in a quiz/test for individual students, requires a two-step process.

Step 1

  • Navigate to Quizzes: Go to the quizzes section of your course and select the quiz/test that requires special access for the student.
  • Edit Quiz/Test: In the edit section, scroll down to the area labeled Assign to and click on the Add button.
  • Assign to Student: Locate the student(s) from the dropdown list and select their name. Input the required start and end time/date for the student. After selecting the student, the original entry changes to Everyone Else. Finally, click on Build button at the bottom right of the screen.


Quiz availability dates remain in effect. If the Until date lapses while students are taking the quiz with extended time, the quiz auto-submits, even if their time extension hasn't expired. Apply an extended Until Time (as seen below) before Step 2.

Assign to dates and time

Step 2

  • Select the Moderate Tab: After clicking on the Build button, select the Moderate tab.
  • Select the Student: Locate the student’s name and select the Moderate button inline with their name.
  • Set Additional Attempts: A side menu panel will appear to the right of your screen that allows you to input the amount of additional attempts needed.

New Quizzes Moderate button

New Quizzes Additional Attempt


Further details on these two steps can be found in the following Canvas vendor guides:

  1. How do I assign a quiz to an individual student?
  2. How do I moderate a student's quiz attempt in New Quizzes?