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The Student Experience

Ensure students are informed well in advance if quizzes in your course will necessitate Respondus LockDown Browser, particularly if they'll use their personal computer, requiring installation of the software. Additionally, consider creating a brief, ungraded demo quiz utilizing LockDown Browser, enabling students to test the browser beforehand.

Provide Students Instructions to install Respondus LockDown Browsers

Here is the Respondus Guide to provide students to install Respondus LockDown Browser.  There are also instructions included in LockDown Broswer within MyCanvas.


Create a Practice Quiz

Ensure a smooth first exam experience with LockDown Browser by having students complete an ungraded practice quiz requiring its use. Ideally, use the same devices and network they'll utilize for graded quizzes.

  • Offer the practice quiz at the course outset or several days before the initial graded exam.
  • Specify a deadline for completion, incentivizing with points or extra credit.
  • Allow unlimited attempts with a duration of several minutes for meaningful proctoring results.
  • Remind students of LockDown Browser's troubleshooting and Live Chat support.
  • Keep the practice quiz available throughout the course for reattempting due to computer or network changes.

For more information: The Practice Quiz: Best Practices

How Students access LockDown Browser in a Classic Quiz vs New Quiz

Classic Quiz in MyCanvas that requires LockDown Browser, a student must:

  • Exit their current browser
  • Launch LockDown Browser and login to MyCanvas
  • Navigate to the course and specific quiz, and choose to Take the Quiz.

New Quiz in MyCanvas that requires LockDown Browser, a student can:

  • Navigate to the course and specific quiz in a supported browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox), and choose to Take the Quiz. Note: Safari is not a recommended browser
  • Which will automatically direct and log into the quiz in LockDown Browser.
  • LockDown Browser must have been previously installed on the computer.


What are the Respondus system requirements?

Encourage students to check their LockDown Browser version to ensure they are using the most recent version of this software. To learn how to check the version, read: How to update LockDown Browser – Respondus Support. 

Respondus Monitor is a companion product to LockDown Browser. So the first requirement is to have the LockDown Browser installed.

  • Windows: 10 and 11
  • Mac: 10.13 or higher
  • iOS: 11.0+ (iPad only). Check with your instructor to ensure iPad compatibility is enabled
  • Chromebook. LockDown Browser for Chromebook minimally requires the version of ChromeOS that Google makes available via their Long Term Support (LTS) channel. For more information, visit: Chrome Releases
  • Web camera (internal or external) & microphone. The webcam can be built into your computer or can be the type that plugs in with a USB cable
  • A broadband internet connection (connect to your router with an Ethernet cable is recommended, if possible)

For the most up-to-date information, read What are the computer requirements for installations of Respondus LockDown Browser?
Note: Windows 10/11 "S mode" is not a compatible operating system, nor can LockDown Browser be obtained via the Windows App Store.

What if LockDown Browser won't Open?
    1. Close all open programs before launching LockDown Browser
    2. Ensure using supported Browser and Clear browser cache
    3. Uninstall and Re-install LockDown Browser

Respondus Guide - Troubleshooting

What kind of identification do students need to show?
The following are acceptable formats to confirm identity in an online exam.
  • Mohawk College ONE Card (preferred)
  • Passport (Canadian or Foreign)
  • Canadian Citizenship Card with photo
  • Canadian Driver’s license

DO NOT use your Health Card to confirm your identity.



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