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How do I manage MyCanvas notification settings?

MyCanvas includes a set of default notification preferences for your courses. However, you can modify these default settings to set your own preferences. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click Account on the Global Navigation Menu
  2. Then click Notifications
  3. Select Account from the Settings for dropdown menu to adjust notifications for all of the courses on your account. You can also click the dropdown menu to adjust notifications for specific courses.                                                                                                                              MyCanvas notification page
  4. Click the icons that appear in the Email column to adjust notifications to one of the following options: notify immediately, daily summary, weekly summary or turn notifications off.  MyCanvas notification settings with the dropdown menu open to show how often notifications are sent out
  5. When a specific course is selected, you can choose to disable all notifications for that course by switching the Enable Notifications for [course name] toggle off    Screenshot showing how to enable or disable notifications for a course

For more information please see video below: