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How can I confirm if an assignment is available to students?

If an assignment is within an unpublished module, students won’t be able to access it even if the assignment itself is published.

Below is what the student would see:
Assignment is part of an unpublished module

Follow the below steps, to correct the issue:

  1. Go to your course Modules section: This is typically found on the course navigation menu
  2. Scroll through your weekly modules: Look for the module that contains the assignment
  3. Locate where the Assignment item has been added: The assignment should be listed under the relevant module.
  4. Ensure that the category heading is changed to a Published status: If the module is unpublished, students can’t access any items within it, including published assignments. Make sure to publish the module.

Important: Review Course Content

It’s important to regularly use the Test Student view to check the status of both modules and individual items within them to ensure students can access all necessary materials.

See below example of an unpublished Module that has the Assignment item within it:

Module Unpublished Category