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MyCanvas Access and Role Types

New Instructors

You will receive login access automatically to MyCanvas and courses you're teaching once your program area scheduler assigns you via Banner/FastSuite (which feeds data into MyCanvas).

Non-Teaching Staff

If you are a non-teaching staff member who requires a MyCanvas account, complete this form: Staff User Account

Add People to Courses

The Teacher role can manually enroll users for various reasons through the People link, specifying a particular role. Observers, linked with students for monitoring, are managed by system administrators by submitting a request.

Below are the descriptions of the manual enrollment types available:

  • Teacher: The role that allows for the development, management and delivery of a course. This role has the highest level of permissions of these four roles. Typically, the Teacher in a course will enroll another user as a Teacher or TA to allow that user to explore the course, to share specific content or assessments, or to copy the course into another course shell for a unique delivery. It’s not uncommon for a Teacher to enroll another user to assist in the labs, shops, or some other aspect of the delivery.
  • TA: A role similar to Teacher, with one significant difference. A Teacher may enroll a TA to allow them to copy or import the course into their own course shell, but the TA will not have the permissions to edit the original (source) content. The TA role is designed specifically to allow a measure of security for Teachers when they are sharing content.
  • Course Set-Up: A role that allows for the development of content and activities and the configuration, but not the delivery, of courses. Users in the Course Set-Up role cannot grade quizzes or assignments or edit the gradebook.
  • Observer: A role used for guests, student support individuals, and others who need to access and view content but not earn course credit. A student may be paired with a Note Taker or interpreter, and these individuals may need to be enroled using the Observer role so they can assist the student.