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Types of MyCanvas Courses

MyCanvas includes a variety of course types to support students, faculty and staff. Learn about the different types of courses below.

Live Course

Banner-generated courses are the official live semester courses integrated with the college Scheduling System (FASTsuite) and Student Information Systems (Banner). Students will automatically be populated into these courses.

Blueprint Course
A blueprint (development course) provides space to prepare materials before your MyCanvas Course shell has been created in Banner. Several instructors can develop a blueprint, but only one Blueprint shell should exist for each course. Ideally, every course delivered at the College should have an associated Blueprint, and individual course offerings are created as copies of the Blueprint.
Sandbox Course
A sandbox is an empty course shell created in MyCanvas for all faculty and staff. It is intended to give faculty a safe place to play around and get familiar with the features of MyCanvas. 
Organization Course
Organization courses can be developed to create a centralized place for campus departments, teams, or other groups to connect as a community and share information and learning materials. This type of MyCanvas course can remain open indefinitely and is not limited by an academic term.

Teams for Sharing and Collaboration

If you are considering using a MyCanvas course primarily just to store and/or share documents, please consider these options instead:
  • Microsoft Teams
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive