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Respondus Monitor Proctoring Reports

To view students' proctoring reports post-quiz completion, navigate to the LockDown Browser Dashboard, select Class Results from the left menu beside the quiz name. Access class list and proctoring results, including flagged instances on the timeline, and review any segment of the quiz video.

Select a student to expand their attempt details, including frame images and video review. The Review Priority highlights the need for closer scrutiny, categorized as Low, Medium, and High with a colour-coded risk level graph.

These results show that one student of six has completed the quiz

An individual student's Proctoring Results, showing:

  1. Summary of key data
  2. List of Flags and Milestones
  3. Video playback and controls
  4. Timeline with flags and milestones
  5. Thumbnail images from video

What does it mean to be flagged?

Most online proctoring systems use flagging systems to assist instructors in reviewing proctored videos and reports. It is important to remember that ‘flags’ are not cheating. Flagged events are tools intended to help you identify suspicious activities, anomalies, technical issues, or situations where data is of too low quality to analyze. In all instances, identifying events of academic dishonesty is at your discretion.

What generates a Flagged event?

Respondus Monitor generates a list of events from a recorded exam session. Flags are events where a problem might exist, whereas milestones are general occurrences such as when the exam started, or when a question was answered.


Flagged events may include (but are not limited to):

  • The learner missing from the video frame
  • A different or new person in the video
  • Multiple people in the video
  • An internet interruption occurrence
  • Low video frame rate – due to poor quality internet connection
  • Student exited LockDown Browser early
  • Webcam disconnected
  • An attempt was made to switch to another software application
  • The video session ended early

Milestone events may include:

  • Start of exam
  • Pre-Exam – e.g. environmental scan
  • Answering a question
  • End of exam
Why is online proctoring used in my course or program?

At Mohawk College, remote proctoring tools (i.e. Respondus Monitor, Examity) are only used where they are absolutely required and after careful consideration of alternative assessment and delivery approaches. The intention of remote proctoring tools is to ensure that learning outcomes are met and that academic quality and integrity are maintained. The following conditions apply for the use of remote proctoring tools in academic delivery at the college.
Remote proctoring software tools are authorized for use in courses or programs that are:

  1. accredited or regulated,
  2. delivered either fully online or in hybrid formats for students opting to learn remotely.

When used, it is strongly recommended that:

  • remote proctoring tools be used for final summative assessments versus all/multiple formative assessments throughout the term,
  • faculty incorporate a practice test to ensure students are familiar with the remote proctored software/environment, and
  • students are informed in the first class of the semester that remote proctoring software will be required in the course and are provided with a copy of the Student Guide for Online Proctoring.

For uses other than 1 and 2, faculty members have consulted with their Associate Dean to make informed decisions for use.



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