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Turnitin Guide

Getting Started


Turnitin is a plagiarism-prevention tool that helps you check the academic integrity of student writing. You can use Turnitin by setting up an assignment in MyCanvas with Turnitin enabled. The review works by checking each student’s submission for possible matches with the papers in Turnitin’s databases and flagging any matching content for you to review.
Turnitin Similarity helps students and educators identify plagiarism while teaching students the importance of original work. It enables professors to authenticate student essays and reports efficiently. Turnitin Feedback Studio streamlines this process by offering reports indicating originality, citations, and unoriginal content.


Turnitin Feedback Studio is seamlessly integrated with MyCanvas. By simply checking a box during Assignment folder setup, all submissions can be screened against Turnitin’s extensive resources. 

For streamlined assessment, you can also include rubrics and utilize comment sets via GradeMark, which complements Turnitin’s Similarity Report in Feedback Studio.


Student contributions are checked against the internet, journal databases, and Turnitin Feedback Studio’s repository of submissions. Within approximately 24 hours, a Similarity Report is generated, indicating if a student’s work is not original, providing links to any matched sources.

MyCanvas Integration
Turnitin is accessible via MyCanvas.
To locate where to enable Turnitin in an Assignment, follow the steps in this FAQ.

Setup a Turnitin Asssignment in MyCanvas

To enable Turnitin for an assignment:

  1. Navigate to the Assignments area of your course
  2. Click on the Assignment you want to enable Turnitin for
  3. Select Edit, then scroll down to Plagiarism Review
  4. Change the dropdown from none to Turnitin
  5. Save your changes at the bottom of the page

Who can help you at Mohawk?

Instructional Designers assist faculty with interpreting Similarity Reports and optimizing Turnitin tools. Students can seek support from the Library.


Turnitin offers resources including white papers, webcasts, and instructional videos.