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Embed a LinkedIn Learning Video as a Graded Assignment

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The benefits of adding LinkedIn Learning (LiL) Content into MyCanvas as an assignment are to:

  • give your students due dates
  • make the content visible only to specific people or sections
  • ensure students complete the video training
  • assign grades for completing a LiL course

How to Add a LiL Video Assignment

  1. Create an Assignment in Canvas
    Do not fill in the assignment name, instructions, or points yet as LinkedIn Learning will automatically override those. See Step 5.
  2. In the Submission Type section, select External Tool from the dropdown menu, click the box next to Load This Tool in a New Tab, and click the Find button.
  3. In the Configure External Tool pop-up window, click on LinkedIn Learning.LinkedIn Learning Canvas


  4. In the LinkedIn Learning pop-up window, search for a full course, video, or learning path.
  5. Click the Add button next to the desired video(s) and then click Confirm at the bottom of the page.Linkedin Learning Video Selection
  6. Save & Publish the Assignment
    Students will be automatically awarded points when they finish watching the LinkedIn Learning Video and exit the LinkedIn Learning platform.

Assigning Credit for Viewing

  • LinkedIn Learning hosts multi-video "courses" that are comprised of shorter video "clips".
    In your MyCanvas Assignment, you can only link to an entire course (not one clip).
  • Let students know which video "clip" (or clips) if you do not want them to watch the whole course.
  • Not selecting "Load this tool in a new tab" causes an error and LinkedIn cannot connect to Canvas.
  • Students must watch the entire video without fast_forwarding (scrubbing) forward. However, they can watch the video at 1.25x-2x speed and still be counted as having watched it.
  • The grade is automatically awarded when students close the LinkedIn Learning player after watching the video.



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