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Copy Courses within MyCanvas

Course Development

In MyCanvas, courses can be developed in any course space, including file addition, module organization, and assignment creation. Typically, courses are built in a Sandbox shell and later copied to a Blueprint to serve as the course Master.

  • The Blueprint course is usually copied into the empty shells used to deliver courses to students.
  • A course that is to be delivered to students will show student enrollments in the course‚Äôs People tool; Sandboxes and Blueprints are never used to deliver to students and hence will never have student enrollments.

Copy From One Course to Another

Copying courses or components is done through the Import Course Content tool. To copy, you must be enrolled as a Teacher or TA in both courses. Here's how:

  1. Enter the destination course you want to add content to
  2. Choose Settings > Import Course Content from the side menu panel
  3. Select Copy a Canvas Course from the Content Type dropdown
  4. In the Search for a course field, enter the course name containing the content to copy. Click or press on the course name when it appears in the search
  5. Choose to copy All content (Note: recommended to avoid broken links, as the entire course with all files and components are included) or if you want to Select specific content
  6. Optionally Adjust events and due dates, Remove dates, or Shift dates
  7. Click the Import button and wait for completion
  8. Check for any import issues or validate links if selecting specific content