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Akindi is an online assessment platform that offers a comprehensive solution for educators, making the process of creating, administering, and grading multiple-choice exams more efficient and accurate. The use of optical mark recognition (OMR) technology is a key feature that eliminates the need for special sheets or scanners, which can be a significant advantage.

Additionally, Akindi provides detailed analytics and reports on learner performance, item analysis, and class statistics, which makes it a valuable tool for educators. It can help them identify areas where students are excelling or struggling, allowing for more targeted instruction. It also enables efficient regrading of questions for the entire class, further saving time.


Steps on how to enable access to Akindi:

  1. Go to the course Settings > Navigation enable Akindi > and Save. The Akindi link will now be visible to Teachers, TAs, and Designers, but not visible to Students. An alternative method is to create an unpublished Module item, linking to External Tool > Akindi.
  2. Click/press the Akindi link in your course navigation menu.
  3. You may need to authorize the integration by clicking/pressing the Authorize button. Once authorized, the Akindi welcome message will display.
  4. Click/press the orange Launch Akindi button.
  5. The next screen you will see is your Akindi home page, showing your dashboard and a list of courses for which Akindi has been enabled and used.


Below describes the steps on how Akindi works:

  1. Integration: Akindi can be integrated with all your MyCanvas courses and your course gradebooks. It is accessed from within MyCanvas courses.
  2. Test Creation: An Akindi-supported test is an in-class experience using test questions that are distributed on paper, or possibly displayed on a screen. The multiple-choice quiz questions can be created using a test generator or any other means. You may also distribute printed copies of quizzes that you’ve developed in MyCanvas.
  3. Response Sheets: Similar to the Scantron system, Akindi uses Response Sheets (also known as “bubble sheets”) that learners use to fill out with their responses. Unlike with Scantron, you create the sheets yourself using the intuitive software, and create an Answer Key that the service will use to grade the completed sheets.
  4. Scanning and Grading: After the Response sheets are collected, you will scan the sheets using a regular scanner or one of the College’s scanner/printers, creating a single or multiple PDF documents. Once the scan(s) are submitted to Akindi, the system reads and compares them against the Answer Key and grades the responses.
  5. Adjustments and Sharing Grades: At this stage, any inconsistencies, or “exceptions”, can be addressed, and you can adjust grades and scoring as desired. Ultimately you will share the grades with an existing gradebook item in the course Gradebook.

MyCanvas Integration
Works within MyCanvas

Who can help you at Mohawk?

Instructional Designers assist faculty with getting started with Akindi for administering and grading assessments.