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H5P Guide

H5P Login

H5P is an open-source platform that allows users to create, share, and reuse interactive content for online learning environments. It provides a wide range of content types, including interactive presentations, quizzes, games, simulations, interactive videos, and more.

  • Engage your learners with interactive content
  • Create accessible content with a wide range of types and formats
  • Embed created or shared content easily into your course

MyCanvas Integration
H5P is integrated within MyCanvas in two ways:
  1. Graded activity via assignments by selecting the External Tool option
  2. Non-graded activity through the Rich Content Editor via the Apps icon canvas_app_icon 

Access H5P for First-time Users

  • Activate your H5P account in MyCanvas within the Rich Content Editor via the Apps icon canvas_app_icon  select View All and locate Interactive Content - H5P

Access Your Private H5P Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the H5P Login page
  2. The first time visiting the site, type in your Mohawk College email address
  3. Locate the email sent from that includes instructions to set a password


Choose a variety of activities to engage students:

  • drag a word
  • crosswords
  • fill in the blank
  • quizzes
  • timelines

Visit H5P's guide for a detailed list of content and accessibility features.