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How do I take attendance in a Zoom Meeting?

To take attendance in a Zoom meeting, access the meeting report after it ends. Reports are available approximately an hour afterward.

Below are the two ways to access the attendance:

MyCanvas Integration

  1. Click the Zoom link from your course navigation menu
  2. Select the All My Zoom Meetings/Recordings link
    Zoom All My Zoom Meetings Recordings tab
  3. Choose the Previous Meetings tab
  4. Click the Report link to the far right, inline with the desired meeting
  5. Choose the Meeting Report tab
  6. Click Export as CSV file to download the report

Mohawk Zoom Portal

  1. Visit the Mohawk Zoom Portal and click Login, followed by entering your Mohawk credentials
  2. Select Reports on the left side menu panel and then click on Usage 
  3. Ensure the date range includes the meeting
  4. Locate your meeting then click the Participant count (number) under the Participants Source column, which shows a list of meeting participants, including join and leave times
  5. To export the attendee list, click on the Export as CSV File link