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Embed a LinkedIn Learning Video on a Canvas Page

LinkedIn Login

Follow these steps to embed a LiL video in a course page: 

  1. Create a Canvas page (usually within a module)
  2. Add the LinkedIn Learning video by selecting the Apps iconcanvas app icon in the Rich Text Editor
  3. You may need to select the More [⋮] options menu to view the Apps plug-in Icon.Canvas View All Apps
  4. Select View All in the Apps menu and then select LinkedIn Learning.
  5. In the LinkedIn Learning pop-up window, search for a full course, video, or learning path.
  6. Click the Add button next to the desired video(s) and then click Confirm at the bottom of the page. Linkedin Learning Video Selection
  7. Click the Saved button when you are finished. And don't forget to Publish!

Student Access

  • Students may need to log into LinkedIn Learning to view the video
  • Students will see the entire LinkedIn Learning platform screen, not just the video
  • Videos will auto-play unless students turn off the auto-play setting in their personal LinkedIn Learning account. Steps for doing this are outlined in Disabling Autoplay of Videos.


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