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Zoom Guide

Mohawk Zoom Portal

Getting Started


Zoom is a web-conferencing tool for virtual meetings with students. It facilitates various classroom activities like presentations, screen sharing, chat interactions, breakout rooms for small group discussions, polls and more.

Log in to your Mohawk Zoom account using the Mohawk Single Sign-On (SSO). Only Mohawk Zoom pro licensed accounts should be used for Mohawk purposes.
There are three different ways to login to Zoom. The web interface, desktop or mobile app.

Zoom supports various interactions, including lectures, office hours, group discussions, student presentations, oral exams, and invigilation of written exams. Virtual class sessions can be securely recorded and shared afterward.

MyCanvas Integration
Works within MyCanvas
Although you can create Zoom meetings within your course through the navigation bar; it's important to consult with Digital Skills when sections have been cross-listed, as it can cause issues for students.

Items Required to use Zoom

Before using Zoom, make sure to have the following:

  • Computer or device: Make sure they meet the Zoom System Requirements
  • Internet: Reliable WiFi or a Wired connection (Ethernet) is recommended
  • Headphones: Allow you to hear better without distractions and reduce feedback
  • Microphone: A good quality microphone is recommended
  • Webcam: Some Zoom sessions require the camera to be turned on

Zoom Portal

Steps to login to the web interface:

  1. Enter the Mohawk Zoom Portal and click on the Login link, located to the far right of your screen
  2. Input your Mohawk credentials (eg. 000101600) followed by your password

Zoom Desktop App

Although Zoom has a web portal for some features, you will have to install the Zoom application on your computer to run the sessions.

  1. Download Zoom Client for Windows or Mac
  2. Locate your Downloads folder on your device and click on the ZoomInstaller.exe file
  3. A Zoom Workplace app will populate stating the installation was successful, click Done
    Zoom Workplace installation was successful
  4. Select the Sign in option
  5. Click on the SSO icon
    Sign in with SSO
  6. Type in mohawkcollege as the Company domain, click Continue, enter your Mohawk credentials when prompted and your app is ready for use
    company domain mohawk college and continue

Zoom Mobile App

Download the Zoom application from one of the device options below:


Below are some commonly asked questions about using Zoom: